Clive K. Lavery

Clive is a Vintage UX Person and Full-Stack Human Being with 15+ years of experience in helping digital agencies, in-house teams and clients from Adobe to Zalando create good stuff.

He currently works as Experience Design Lead for the proudly independent agency Moccu in Berlin.

As an active member of the European UX scene he is launching the Friends of Figma Berlin community, has helped kickstart the Adobe XDI International Team, co-organized UXcamp Europe, revived the local UX Book Club and mentored students for Career Foundry.

Functioning at the intersection of pompous design debates & tedious corporate gibberish constantly leads Clive to explore ways of expanding his skills for Social Good. Here his current focus is looking at both mental health and parenthood through a design lens.

Image: Clive K. Lavery pointing at things 👉